Rental Fees

Base rental fees reflect the variable cost associated with the use of the facility that includes utilities, custodial, repairs, and maintenance. Set-up and clean-up are billed separately and in addition to the base rental fee. ISU reserves the right to waive fees as it deems appropriate. 

  External Rates (including campus organizations) Non-CALS Internal CALS & ANR Extension ISU For-Credit Classes
First Day - Entire Facility $1700 $1500 $750 No Charge
Additional Days - Entire Facility $1100 $1100 $550 No Charge
One Classroom - Per Day $140 $140 $70 No Charge
Atrium - Per Day




No Charge
Arena - Per Day

1st Day: $1200

2nd Day: $600

1st Day: $1200

2nd: $600

1st: $600

2nd: $600

No Charge

Conference Room Per Day: $70 Per Day:  $70 No Charge No Charge


External Vendors

Food Vendors $360
Commercial Vendors $1.20/Sq ft

*Each individual vendor is subject to the fees above.

Optional Fees  
Set-up and/or Clean-up $15/hour
Equipment Fees (arena only, operator and fuel) $40/hour
Event Supervision $15/hour
Consumable Supplies* Cost
Compost  $5/ton + transport
Bleachers $30/bleacher

*Table covers, wood shavings, sawdust, straw bedding, etc.



We have 20,000 sq. ft. of flooring available.
  External Rates (including campus organizations) Non-CALS Internal CALS and ANR Extension   ISU For Credit Classes
Staff lay it down $0.50/sq.ft. $0.50/sq.ft. $0.25/sq.ft. No Charge
You lay it down $0.37/sq.ft. $0.37/sq.ft. $0.15/sq.ft. No Charge