What are the rules?

All ISU policies apply including, but not limited to:

• No smoking.
• No alcohol, unless prior written permission has been granted.
• No intoxicants, narcotics or drugs.
• No firearms, weapons, ammunition, fireworks, explosives or highly flammable materials.
• No gambling.
• No solicitations.
• No driving motor vehicles of any type on sidewalks.
• No signs, banners, decorations, displays or exhibits unless prior written permission has been 

Additional Guidelines

All events must have an approved caterer. See our list of suggested caterers here.

ISU is not responsible for loss or damage to property of the intramural group, members of the group or 
attendees to the event.

Cancellation must be in writing or e-mail at least 30 days prior to the event.

A non-refundable fee of 10% of the Space Use Total Fee is required at the time of reservation for all 
reservations (intramural and extramural).

An intramural account number will be provided at the time of reservation and will be charged the 
reservation fee.