Space Capabilities

110-by-250 foot arena with seating for 835 people and a hard-packed clay floor that is covered by 12-18 inches of dirt mixture.
There is a heated arena and animal holding and wash areas during the winter for livestock judging and skills competitions, short courses, training sessions and livestock, dog and equestrian shows, as well as many other professional events.
Four climate-controlled classrooms accommodating up to 35 people each situated beneath the arena seating area, thus reducing the facility’s footprint and improving its energy efficiency.
Room Specifications
  Square Footage Capacity
Atrium 4,795 sq. ft. 550
Single Classroom 856 sq. ft. 40
Double* Classrooms 1,714 sq. ft. 80
Arena 33,759 sq. ft. 1,875 on portable flooring
835 in fixed seating

Banquet Style Seating

  Round Tables Rectangular Tables
Atrium 240 350
Arena 1,000 on portable flooring 1,250 on portable flooring

Items Available for Use


Three (3) arena microphones
Two (2) atrium microphones
One (1) projector/screen for each classroom

Other Items

One (1) whiteboard for each classroom
One (1) podium
One (1) stage - three (3) 4' x 8' sections 

Livestock Gating

One hundred and fifty (150) 10' cattle panels
Twenty (20) 10' walk through gates
One hundred and fifty (150) 6' x 6' swine/sheep pens
One (1) 30' x 30' judging arena and holding pens

Tables and Chairs

Thirty (30) 5' round tables
Four (4) 2 1/2 x 6' rectangular tables
240 folding chairs

Additional items can be brought in for additional charge.